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Do me a solid, yo.

16 December 2010

So, last night my wife was Googlestalking me (like you do), and she found this.

Yes indeed, my friends. 47 Echo has gone up for pre-order at Amazon, and for 20% off the cover price. I spent most of yesterday evening in a sort of numb kind of shock — this is actually happening. The book is being loosed on the public.

So, here’s what I’m going to ask of you: if you have a Kindle (or plan to get one before Jan. 17), please consider parting with the $4 necessary to pre-order 47 Echo. I’d love to show my wonderful publisher that their faith in me wasn’t misplaced, and a strong pre-order showing can go a long way towards accomplishing that. So even if you know anyone who has a Kindle, put a bug in that person’s ear to toss down the four bucks. I can promise you and that hypothetical person will be at least entertained.

So I guess that’s my question for the day: will you please, pretty please, do me this favor? And tell your friends to do the same? I’ll owe you one.

Thanks, folks.

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  1. 16 December 2010 0601

    too late ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Bill M permalink
    16 December 2010 1209

    Well, since you groveled …

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