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The Revenge of the Sequel

27 November 2010

Yesterday was a pretty good writing day. All told, I cranked out near-as-makes-no-difference 8,000 words on the sequel to 47 Echo, plus a chapter in the ongoing 200 Days saga. It’s one of those days that makes me think hey, maybe I’m OK at this writing thing after all.

I’ve only ever really made the attempt to write a sequel to a story twice before now. It’s gotten a bit easier each time, as there’s something that feels almost shortcut-ish about doing it. You already know the characters, how they react, how they speak. Once you get to know them again. . . well, parts of the story feel like they write themselves.

So, today’s question is obviously about sequels. What was your favorite one? Which character didn’t have a sequel story that you desperately wish did?

All right. Back to the old word-mill for me. Happy Saturday, all!

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