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25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, all my American friends! To the rest of the world, um, carry on.

Today’s post is kind of a continuation of yesterday’s theme. There are a fair number of stories out there that start off with a killer opening, then just fail to deliver (sometimes spectacularly — Damnation Alley, Heather and I are looking at you, Chief).

Concept execution — it’s one of the toughest parts of writing. Anyone can have a great idea, but how do you make it run the length of the story? How do you use that idea to its full potential?

Share some of the worst concept execution fails below. No points for Damnation Alley, but you can use it as the gold standard by which all other fails are judges.

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  1. 27 November 2010 0853

    You know, I’m gonna make everyone hate me and say Lord of the Rings. I’m not saying the whole trilogy is a failed concept, but while say, Tom Bombadil is a great idea for a character, I think that letting him babble on for pages and pages wasn’t the best use of him in a story that was already long and drawn out. I think Tolkien’s real strength was in world-building and conceptualization, and was less adept at storytelling. I know. I’ll get letters.

  2. 27 November 2010 0858

    No letters coming from me — I kind of agree with you there.

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