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Player One challenges Player Three. Fight!

18 November 2010

My thought is that this particular post will be more interesting to the writer crowd than the reader crowd, but I’ve been wrong before, as evidenced by nearly everything I wore from 1998-2003.

First person or third person — which one do you prefer to use for a novel? How about for a short story? Why? Why, dammit?!

Personally, I’m a big third-person guy. I’ll throw out the odd first-person short story here and there, but I like the freedom third-person gives you in that you don’t have to stay locked to one viewpoint (or multiple ones, as is the case in the ongoing 200 Days).

How about as a reader — which do you prefer to read?

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  1. BillM permalink
    18 November 2010 0741

    I enjoy reading 1st person, as it feels like I’m in the protagonist’s head. It feels more personal that way.

    Whenever I used to write (and who know?), I wrote 3rd person, as it was way so much easier.

  2. 18 November 2010 0750

    I like third person more than first for same reasons. I don’t really like to be trapped with the character’s POV for the whole story. Though if the writer finds ways to use first person to maximum potential, then I would read that.

  3. 18 November 2010 0825

    I write almost exclusively in 3rd person. Why? Hmmm… I may have to get back to you on that. I like first-person fiction sometimes, when it’s convincing. David Sedaris is a master of it, for example.

  4. 18 November 2010 1443

    I go both ways, depends on the story. I will even do both in one story to put the emphasis on the main character, as in my SuHeStan series. Whenever I am following any character BUT Stan, it is 3rd person, but stan is always written in the 1st…..

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