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8 November 2010

Mine feels pretty low after this weekend. Not only was I doing web work for the 47 Echo site, I was working on “200 Days” (the current Twitter Novel), “Supercritical” (the working title of the “47 Echo” sequel), and cleanup on yet another manuscript I wrote early last year. I much prefer being busy to being bored, though, and it was all fun work.
Today, there’s the day job (I’m keeping America safe, one typo at a time), plus all of the above except the older MS cleanup (that went out today).

How do you prioritize when you’ve got a lot on your plate? How do you keep from driving a large Buick directly into Bat Country? Any tricks you want to share in the comments will be met with appreciation and a small donation to the action-figure shrine of your choice.

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  1. Trace permalink
    8 November 2010 0736

    Depends on the situation whether I do the smaller, easier stuff first or tackle the hardest task first.

    In your case I don’t know which method would work better. Maybe just do ’em all at once? πŸ™‚

  2. 8 November 2010 0746

    You probably know all this stuff already, but anyways:

    To-do lists don’t work (at least for me). For revisions, I would focus on places where it’s very important or in the most problemetic spots first (duh) and work your way down. Also, don’t work as much as you can per day. Only work on a short to medium amount each day, so you have a fresh writing mind consistantly.

    Back to prioritizing, a day planner with all your work split up could help (the obvious again).

  3. 8 November 2010 0805

    Prioritize and take chunks of the day to dedicate to certain jobs. Like I’m about to cut myself off from the internet to write πŸ™‚

    • 8 November 2010 0928

      I’m pretty good at task-stacking. I think my problem is probably taking too much per day, then refusing to sleep until I’ve plowed through my list. πŸ™‚

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